The Communist Party is (unfortunately) alive and well in America, and now they're trying to team up with the Democrats to try and push their very similar agendas. Though, it must be said, do they really have any differences?

Communist Party USA chairman (or should it be comrade) John Bachtell wrote a rather verbose 2,023-word manifesto about their plan to use the Democrats to achieve communist objectives. In his diatribe, Bachtell wrote that they're not interested in strengthening the Democratic Party, ". . . our objective is not to build the Democratic Party. At this stage we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda. We are about building the movements around the issues roiling wide sections of people that can help shape election contours and debates."

As it turns out Bachtell and his comrades are actually upset with members of the Democratic Party because, they aren't far enough left. The Daily Caller said in their report, "Communists and other leftists have experienced 'disillusionment with the Democratic Party' because of its 'deep connections to Wall Street.' He is still mad at President Bill Clinton for NAFTA and welfare reform."

Bachtell also spat vitriol against conservatives saying,"While the Republican Party is led by the most reactionary sections of Wall Street capital including the energy extractive sector and military industrial complex, it also consists of extreme right-wing elements including the Tea Party, white supremacists, social conservatives, right-wing evangelicals, climate deniers, anti-reproductive rights groups, etc."

It's no wonder how America gets leaders like Obama, when the Communist Party admits to fueling the Democratic Party.

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