It seems that the Brits have their very own “American Sniper” ready and willing to meet out a little justice even at 1000-meters out.


The drama unfolded through the lens of binoculars worn by a spotter as he observed an 8-year old boy and his dad about to be beheaded by the barbaric terrorist group ISIS.

However unknown to the barbarians an Iraqi spy had tipped off British Special Forces, more specifically, members of the Special Air Service (SAS), who were ready to apply their amazing skills to the test.

The barbarians had already begun to terrorize those who would not denounce their faith and had already beheaded several members within the community.

Now it was the fathers and sons turn, as a tall bearded man emerged and drew a long knife and began slapping both the father and son around the head before kicking them both to the floor.

That’s when the SAS sniper squeezed the trigger hitting the executioner with a .50 caliber round in the head from just over ½ mile away, instantly killing him and creating a cloud of pink mist, and a perfect head shot!

“The sniper then quickly took care of the other two henchmen with single shots,   “three kills with three bullets,” the unnamed source said. “It was a good day’s work.”

h/t:Mad World News

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