Donald Trump continues to enjoy his meteoric rise in politics as the presidential primaries and caucuses are coming to a close. With a sizable lead on all of his opponents and mostly favorable reviews when compared with opposing candidates, Trump is cementing his spot as the likely Republican nominee.

Trump's political presence is so strong that even some unions, typically the bastion of the Democrats and the left, are throwing their progressive stances to the wind and voting for the business mogul.

Chief among those unions who have pledged support for Trump is the Arizona Border Patrol Union based out of Tucson, Arizona. The union, number 2544, has said that Mr. Trump is the only candidate who is actually promising to give the American public what they want.

"The American public has continually called for a secure border and Donald Trump has promised to make this desire a reality," said a union spokesman.

The union that has made its public support of Donald Trump known, 2544, is the largest union in the Arizona Border Patrol Union, and one of the largest unions in the surrounding three states--including California.

Union 2544 typically does not endorse political candidates, a spokesman said, but when Trump reached out they rescinded that tradition and immediately stated their support publicly.

"Mr. Trump is the only candidate that has publicly expressed his support of our mission and our Agents. He has been an outspoken candidate on the need for a Secure Border and for this we are grateful."

For Trump to secure such a large union amid a time when unions are typically pawns of the left is indicative of the power that Trump carries in this election. People are upset, frustrated, and sick of leaving the destiny of America to chance.

While America has never left her position of greatness, many more Americans are beginning to agree with Donald Trump's position that she should rise to greater heights.

h/t: Daily Caller

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