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Recently an elderly man, age 64, was reading his book, minding his own business in a park in Baltimore, when he was approached by a group of violent thugs who had one question for him. Before the man could even answer the abrasive thugs, the aggressive posse decided to give him an answer only the Black Lives Matter could condone.

More from Mad World:

The unnamed victim was minding his own business just outside John Hopkins University when the three thugs approached, wanting to know where they could exchange foreign money. Trying to be helpful, he attempted to answer when the violent rats went after what they really wanted. They would have gotten away with it had it not been for one thing 18-year-old Zannay Laws did.

A quick look at Laws’ Facebook page makes it clear that this teen thinks she’s a pretty tough b*tch — her forearm tattoo even says so. She and 18-year-old Dakei Perry are so “tough” that they choose easy targets like women and the elderly to attack, but go about it in the most violent way they can. When the man tried to answer their money exchange question, one thug put a gun to his head and demanded his money and belongings, while another maced his face and made it hard for him to get out the cash. A third person stabbed him in the lower back, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Please share and show the type of violence race-baiting groups like the Black Lives Matter are encouraging in this country.

Source: Mad World News



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