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Once again the “entitlement society” has done it again, this time by actually taking over someone else’s property, however not by some type of legal maneuvering or questionable documentation, but by simply trespassing and moving in someone’s home and squatting.

And when Army Spc. Michael Sharkey and his wife came back to his Florida home, after serving two years abroad, they were greeted by two ex-cons who broke in, changed the locks, and were refusing to leave.

To make matters worst, he was told that legally, there was nothing he could do to force them out, since they already established residency, so the matter would have to be settled in a civil court.

“They are criminals,” said Sharkey to WFLA. “I am serving my country, and they have more rights to my home than I do.”

"The people who are in this house cannot produce any documentation, lease, agreement, anything that they belong in that house," said Sharkey.

However a group of military veteran bikers announced that they would be paying a visit to the home to “peacefully make the squatters uncomfortable.”

And it seems that’s all it took because apparently the squatters have packed up their belongings and are leaving the home…perhaps there are times when rather than going through the court system, especially when someone has apparently broken the law, that a little friendly persuasion is all that’s needed.

Source: America News



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