Though Donald Trump's presidential campaign appears to be showing some signs of lagging, his flamboyant attitude and press conferences have brought to light a significant policy issue that needs fixing in the United States--the border with Mexico.

Trump's comments about the border and his pledge to build a physical wall along the border have angered many, but for a group of volunteers in Arizona his comments have been inspiring.

The group of eight men calls themselves the Arizona Border Recon and they've taken it upon themselves to protect the border of the United States because no one else will. The Arizona Border Recon dresses in camouflage fatigues and carry machine guns, but their purpose is simple and direct--protect the border.

The leader of the group, a man named Tim Foley who goes by the moniker "Nailer," believes that the United States is being invaded from the South and that the government isn't doing enough to stop it.

Nailer and his men use mapping software to determine possible breaches in border security and then they go and implement their plan. Most of Nailer's group were never in the military but all have backgrounds in private security or as security contractors.

Though the use of vigilante groups to patrol the border is something that the government publicly denounces, you have to wonder if some border guards are grateful for the extra firepower and support.

Most recently the Arizona Border Recon has been working on the U.S. side of the border across from the Mexican city Nogales. Though ilegal border crossing is most definitely an international issue, Nailer and his men are making a stand for what they believe is right.

That stance is dangerous, but Nailer is prepared to do whatever it takes. "We're going to keep doing it until [the border's] fixed or I'm dead," he said.

Photo: Johnny Milano

h/t: Daily Mail

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