This video shows a white couple innocently walking when a group of violent thugs attacks them for no apparent reason.

Victim Meredith Cole told police that just after midnight on Aug. 22, seven males approached her outside of a club where her boyfriend was a DJ and began touching her inappropriately.

She ran inside to tell her boyfriend what had happened and the two came back out to look for them to get a better description.

That's when the couple was chased down by the mob and viciously beaten.

This crime received no media coverage nationally and one would assume it is due to the liberal media bias.

They only want to report on this type of violence when the victims are black and not the other way around.

Despite the media remaining completely silent please share this and help get the word out.

Race in our country is being distorted from the reality that black lives are the only ones that matter.

h/t: Truth Revolt

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