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What is especially disturbing about these incidents in both Missouri and in Miami is the apparent cavalier attitude shown by FBI agents, in that the purchase of 60 or more cell-phones purchased by Middle Eastern men at a Wal-Mart in Missouri and 30 or more propane gas tanks purchased at a Home Depot in Miami by Muslim clad individuals, apparently isn’t a big deal to the feds.

However this is the same government that actually conducted three background checks on terrorist Tashfeen Malik and allowed her into the country, and months later committed the second highest Muslim mass-murder attack since 9/11.

However unlike San Bernardino where “political correctness” may have actually contributed to the deaths of 14-innocent lives, shoppers in Miami Florida apparently took stock of what was going on and actually took pictures of Muslim clad men loading the propane gas tanks into a pickup truck.

The photo is going around the Internet which shows two Muslim men loading the back of their pickup truck with what is said to be approximately 30 propane tanks, reportedly taking place on December 9th.

In another incident 360 burner phones get snapped up by men who don’t speak English… phones that can be used for communications between terror cells or worse, as detonators for bombs or propane gas tanks.

However the fact that the FBI apparently isn’t taking these incidents seriously or perhaps been told not to investigate should be of concern to each and every American, and of course congress.

Example of propane tanks being used as a bomb

Source: Mad World News



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