It seems that the “Loan Star” state is once again taking the lead in protecting America’s core principles and it’s framework of democracy, and standing tall once again, against an invading force reminiscent of another battle fought so long ago.

However this time it isn’t for independence but rather in the preservation of American law against those that wish to change it by establishing an Islamic tribunal on American soil, right in the heart of Texas.

However like that pivotal event of 1836, Texas is once again taking the initiative to stop this Islamic Tribunal, the first in the nation from gaining a foothold within our American Judicial System.

And to that end a group of conservative activists have established an alliance with other concerned Americans with the sole purpose of banning any form of foreign and or international law from being practiced and or observed in any American court.

The battle-lines have been drawn and the coalition of concerned Americans is growing, thanks in part to talk radio and social media and radio hosts like Don Smith who has used his voice to publicize the issue and Tim Selaty the driving force behind “Tea Party Community” a conservative alternative to Facebook.

And although Sharia Law hasn’t yet infiltrated the American Judicial System, it’s encroachment into almost every aspect of American life is evident, and the number of court cases that involve conflicts between civil American law, and those that practice Sharia Law has grown rapidly throughout the country, prompting a majority of states to introduce legislation banning courts from accommodating Sharia law.

Those bills however have been stalled by influential and well financed groups supporting Muslim groups and Sharia Law. And while the battle is currently being waged in Texas everyone around the country is encouraged to join the growing coalition, your support is vital in stopping this invasion to our civil liberties, and to our judicial system




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