Somewhere in Petersborough, England, there supposedly lives a giant welfare leech. By giant, we mean giant. So large, she cannot even bathe by herself.

Her enormity must be the makings of a television docu-drama involving chainsaws to remove house walls, and cranes to take her out, similar to the tale of the 1,000 pound man of years ago.

She is a gluttonous whale. It is said that the nation’s government has sent a dietitian to teach her how to eat. It would seem she has that lesson well in hand, and perhaps should be learning how not to eat.

Just sayin. The government has even offered to provide her with free (with other people’s money), weight loss surgery so she can live a normal life.

Part of that life would make it so her “too fat to work,” welfare excuse would be null-and-void. To date, the 28-year old has collected $112-thousand-plus in welfare benefits.

She has no desire. After all it is not her fault. She doesn’t eat that much, seeing as how she is too fat to cook for herself she is at the mercy of others.

Sausage, bacon, beans, toast, you name it, and it is on her plate bright and early. A light breakfast, ya’ know.

She claims to have an eating disorder.

Yes, it’s called every time she bends her elbow something goes in her mouth.

“I eat potatoes and pasta, not takeaways, so it’s not my fault.”

What’s a “takeaway?” It sounds like somebody needs to take her food away.

She claims the government does not believe her, and she was forced “…get my own mobility scooter.” Which, is a lie, because her boyfriend bought it for her.

“They think they know everything but I know better. I know that op won’t help me, so they need to work with me how I am.”

Good Lord. Government does nothing right. Enabling her obese land-whale butt from day one is how you have ginormity eating up welfare checks. Meanwhile, there is a family of skin and bones children who could use some of the breakfast meats, pastas, and potatoes she consumes.

The way to deal with this, is to cut her off. Make her get some exercise—planting her own potatoes would be a great way to start!

Source: Conservative Tribune






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