This moron thought that it would be cool to play around with this loaded revolver on camera.

Thinking it would make him seem like a badass the boy enlisted his friend to film him while he did a number of idiotic things with the gun.

These things included waving the revolver around carelessly while they were both in close proximity of the barrel.

They also included the dumbest thing of all: pointing the loaded gun at his own skull.

At first the boy pulled the trigger thinking the gun was unloaded and nothing happened, just a click.

But the second time the boy pulled the trigger he was not nearly so lucky. The hammer came down and the revolver went off.

However by some miracle the bullet only managed to penetrate the very edge of his skull, entering and exiting with minimal consequences.

The video of the entire incident has since gone viral and the absolute stupidity contained in said video can be seen below.

Things could have gone a whole lot worse for this idiot with a gun. Luckily for him all that was required was a trip to the hospital and a few stitches.


Maybe next time he'll try to remember just how serious guns are and try to practice some gun safety.

This should be a lesson to everyone to take care of their own guns and respect it for what it is. Otherwise we'll have more idiots like this giving liberal gun-grabbers more reasons to take our guns.

Source: Mad World News


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