The entire country seems to have been tricked into the mentality that cops are some sort of racist killers scouring the streets looking for 'helpless' victims. In fact, what has happened is groups like the black lives matter movement and other actual racist thugs have been on a crusade against our nation's police force, trying to disarm them and in many cases actually gunning them down in cold blood. Well another prime example of how bad the senseless violence against cops has just presented itself and it shows just how bad the situation has gotten.

Officers often face situations where they must make a split second decision on whether or not to use deadly force in order to stop more innocent bloodshed. This is never an easy choice and it is always a matter of life and death, be it the life of the person posing a threat, the lives of those that they may be trying to hut or kill, or even the lives of officers themselves.

A video was posted to YouTube that shows just how real these situations are and how real the threats and violence that overwhelm our officers are.

22-year-old Deputy Kyle Dinkheller of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department in Georgia was gunned down in the line of duty in 1998.

He had pulled over the now murderer in a traffic stop and was shot in cold blood. The entire incident was caught on camera and now many police training programs use the video in order to train new officers.

The start of the video shows Dinkheller pulling over a driver who was clocked going 100 miles per hour in a town in Georgia.

The driver, Andrew Howard Brannan emerged from his vehicle and approached the officer. As he approached, he quickly reached into his pockets.

Dinkheller noticed immediately what was going on and started to order Brannan to keep his hands where Dinkheller could see them.

Brannan then tried to get Dinkheller to shoot him but Dinkheller refused. Instead he called for additional units to back him up and assist him.

That's when Brannan came over to the police car and began to attack Dinkheller. Dinkheller chose to fight back with a non-lethal weapon, his police baton, but it wasn't enough.

Brannan then ran back over to his Truck, grabbed a rifle and proceeded to shoot the officer a total of 10 times, killing Dinkheller instantly.

Right before Brannan was killed by lethal injection he was asked why he chose to shoot Dinkheller. Brannan responded, "because he let me."

The entire video can be seen below but be warned some of the content is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.

The tragic incident is a prime example of why sometimes officers are forced to use lethal force. It is never a matter of them being 'psycho killers' as the left would have you believe. They don't want to have to kill anyone but sometimes the situations escalate to a certain level where lethal force must be used to save the lives of the innocent.

Now things are beginning to regress back to a state of the nation where officers are scared to use lethal force when lethal force is necessary for fear of what sort of media backlash may come of it, not to mention the fact that they may lose their job and all credibility if they are labeled and portrayed as a murderer to the public.

It is the job of our police officers to keep us safe from those that want to cause harm and death to others. They are armed with the tools that they need to do what needs to be done to keep people safe and sometimes that calls for shooting someone before they themselves get shot. The left has twisted this truth into some dark narrative where the police are the bad guys and violent thugs are just innocent people who are victims of police brutality. If this doesn't change soon there's a good chance that many more officers will lose their life because they are too afraid to defend themselves.

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