While the headline may suggest that the officer was ambushed, what is apparent is that the officer was in pursuit of the subject Theodore Johnson, who was walking up a flight of stairs, turned around and fired at the officer, hitting him (luckily) in his protective vest while the officer immediately retreats down the stairs and shouting he's been hit.

Officers had gone to a home on Ottawa Road near Indiana Avenue to investigate a report filed, after a woman walked into a police department to report a domestic dispute, and telling the police the man had weapons.

As the police arrive on the scene to investigate a confrontation with Johnson takes place, and an officer is shot at, and a brief standoff begins, as police officers urge  him to drop his gun while Johnson repeatedly tells officers to kill him, saying, "I want to die."

Police respond; "We don't want to shoot you. We'll get you help."

The officer who was shot can be heard saying, "I know you shot me, but I'm not going to shoot you."

Johnson then raises the gun at the officers, and that's when police open fire on him killing Johnson.

However Johnson was no novice to crime with an extensive criminal record dating back to the early 70’s, and most recently he pleaded guilty to domestic violence and aggravated menacing charges in Cleveland Municipal Court in a July 2013 case.

Source: News Net 5

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