This intense battleground footage of an ISIS armored personnel carrier being taken down really shows what it's like to be in a live fire fight.

These Kurd soldiers loathe ISIS and are taking the fight to them.

The soldier who posted the footage on Live Leak had this to say about the incident:

My unit taking out an ISIS APC. This footage is taken South of the Mosul dam on the 4th of March 2016, when our outpost came under a heavy ISIS attack.

Two armoured vehicles tried to overrun our position, this being the second one. The APC was disabled by our general, Wahed Kovle, who used a german Panzerfaust and two RPG's to take it out.

Three ISIS fighters were killed inside the vehicle and another two were gunned down as they jumped out and tried to run away. Several other ISIS fighters who came on foot, were killed that day.


Do you think Europe and the U.S. need to be more willing to take the battle to ISIS?

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