BB gun, air-soft gun, water pistol, rubber band gun…you DO NOT pull one of these on the cops. It WILL get you shot.

Such was the case with theft suspect James Bushey who tried to buffalo two Palestine, Texas police officers who were escorting the criminal out of an Applebee’s restaurant bathroom. Officer Kaylynn Griffin and Sergeant Gabriel Green asked Bushey to step outside of the restaurant. He did. When asked for his identification he did the most moronic of things and pulled a gun on the cops.

Bad move.

Sgt. Green very quickly emptied several rounds into Bushey, laying the thug out on the ground. Officer Griffin appears to have fired three rounds, and then jumped into action performing CPR on Bushey. Bushey died, and for the record, he was a white thug.

It was later determined that he brandished a BB gun, but no matter, for it is not up to law enforcement to stand there and try to figure out what kind of gun is being pointed their direction. It is their job to immediately put an end to what may become a deadly situation.

Griffin and Green happened to have been wearing body cameras so there is absolutely no mis-interpretation of the events surrounding the shooting death of this low-life criminal. Of course, they were prosecuted as seems to be the trend when it comes to a cop shooting someone. Fortunately, the body camera footage exonerated them.

Law enforcement everywhere, especially in today’s “policy brutality” accusation-happy society, should support body camera usage. It very well may be the tool that keeps them out of prison on trumped up charges.


Thank you Sgt. Green and Officer Griffin. You each acted in the most honorable and heroic of ways in service to your community.

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