See that side of beef hanging there? That smoldering mass suspended from the transmission tower? See that man with the long sharp sword?

Yeah, well, that is not a side of beef. That is what remains of an ISIS Jihadi after the Angel of Death, Abu Azrael, an Iraqi Shia militia man, has gotten his hands on him.  Azrael would be the man with the sword. This video is not for the faint of heart, because it shows that the barbarism is not a one-sided thing in this war.

Those against the rise of ISIS and their desired Caliphate take no prisoners. They do not mess around, and they appear to have as much fun with their captives as the opposing side. Unfortunately, with that part of world it appears to be the norm to make spectacles of how you torturously execute your prisoners.

The Angel of Death has brought what appears to be a long and painful end to the Jihadi’s life having strung him up, in what appears to be an upside down fashion, and set him ablaze.

Abu Azrael is giving a speech and then demonstrates that his side of meat is well-done by taking that long sharp sword in his hand and deftly slicing a slab of thigh muscle.

The horrors of this war are beyond imaginable, and as we all know, this video pales in comparison to others we have seen coming from ISIS. The war front is primitive land and the war between these people is one of unbridled primal and animalistic horror.



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