Recently the issue of the dark history that our country has had with slavery. Now a the left has been bringing up this blemish in our past and using it to try to make political statements and fuel the racial hatred that has heavily permeated our country today.

These are the same people that are the first to jump up to defend Muslims no matter what they've done, be it vicious assaults or other acts of terrorism. Yet it would seem as clearly as they can remember our distant past, they somehow manage to be completely oblivious to the slavery that exists currently in many Muslim countries.

It goes without saying that no slavery is by good or tolerable by any stretch of the imagination. It is important to note, however, that historically Muslim slavery has been much more twisted and morbid.

Author Geert Wilders writes in his book, "Marked For Death," describing how one sadistic practice commonly used on Muslim slaves led to 80 to 90 percent fatality rate.

The book reportedly gives very detailed instructions on how the Muslim male slave castration procedure was conducted.

According to Geert the procedure was often carried out in one large "hack" that would lead to "massive blood loss, and most often death." It was done in order to keep the male slaves trustworthy around the other female slaves.

Even those that did survive the initial castration often did not survive the few days following the procedure. The castrated slaves often faced heavy infection issues around the wound and commonly died of dysentery.

Mad World News reports that Muslims currently own almost 14 million black slaves.

At least 600,000 of these are enslaved in Mauritania, 35,000 in Sudan and an estimated 1.7 million in Pakistan.

While these horrible crimes against humanity continue to take place all over the globe, the left has taken it upon themselves to focus on things that happened years in the past in our own country.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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