The “Religion of Pieces” is at it again. Be warned, the image linked is graphic. A Christian wife and mother of eight children, in the Ugandan village of Kalampete was hacked to death by the oh-so-tolerant Muslims we all just love.

She had been incessantly confronted to convert to the Islam faith, but held fast to her Christian beliefs. This despite her brother having been killed a month prior in the streets of the village for refusing to renounce his beliefs in God and Jesus Christ.

According to the mother’s 13 year old child, the Islamic freaks,

“dragged our mother outside the house as she screamed and cried for help.”

They hacked her apart with machetes and left her to die in the street where her husband later found her. It is reported that she held on long enough to later die in a hospital and parted this earth saying,

“I know that the attackers are looking for me. We are seeking God’s protection and His peace. May God give me to courage to continue sharing the love of Christ to those who are lost, as Jesus said we should love our enemies.”

Islam slays non-believers, “Infidels,” and Christians pray for them.

Islam kills infidels or just about anyone who ticks them off, to include their own people; they stone people to death by burying them up to their chest so they can’t defend themselves against their cowardly attackers, hack people apart, saw heads off front-to-back with dull serrated knives, set the living ablaze, cages and crushes them, rapes children, crucifies people, and meanwhile Christians take a knee and humbly pray for non-believers.


Islam condones lying, via the concept of Taqiyaa and acting as a double-agent against humanity, and Christians operate on the concept of “Thou shalt not lie.”

Who is the religion of peace? The answer is obvious.

Source: Mad World News


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