As hundreds of thousands of displaced Texans, struggled to deal with the loss of their homes, their livelihoods, their pets and in some cases the loss of loved ones, the mainstream media has worked itself into a frenzy over… the shoes First Lady Melania Trump wore as she boarded Air Force One to fly down to Texas to help with relief efforts.

The press ignored the work of President and Trump and his wife in two trips to the affected region, concentrating instead on misrepresenting a photograph of the fashion conscious first lady to make it appear that she wore stilettos to a disaster area.

In fact, Mrs. Trump wore her trademark heels from the White House to board the aircraft and changed into appropriate sneakers while on the plane to wear in the flooded areas.

Unsuspecting readers and viewers of mainstream media were led to believe that the first lady was more concerned with her appearance than the tragedy impacting so many.

The press was not as concerned, however, with what then-First Lady Michelle Obama wore in the aftermath of deadly Hurricane Sandy that devastated much of the Eastern seaboard, including parts of New Jersey and New York, in 2012 – possibly because Mrs. Obama failed to appear at all.

The decision for a president and first lady to schedule a visit to the site of a natural disaster depends on many factors, including safety, the allocation of security resources and in every case it is a matter for the coordination of federal, state and local officials.

Not only did cocky Michelle refuse to even show her face and console hurricane victims she spent the time in Chicago sending out fundraising emails. Contrast this with the $1 million personal donation made by the Trump's to victims and you see a clear pattern of caring and leadership by the Trump's.

The media refused to mention Michelle's no show, unlike the hysteria it focused on what First Lady Melania wore in Washington D.C. on her way down to actually meet with victims. This illustrates more about the way the Trumps are treated by the liberal press than Mrs. Trump’s choice of shoe wear.

Do you think this is yet another instance of the media treating Melania Trump unfairly?

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