A little real racism for ya?

Well GQ has it all wrapped up with a pretty little “stylish” bow for you to indulge your sensitive self in, if you read that sort of thing. If not, you should know what the more “refined” among your breed are reading these days.

Let’s start with their attention getting tweet.

“F**k Ben Carson”

It doesn’t stop there. Oh no, because cultured Drew Magary wrote a piece for the publication with that exact same upper-crust title.

GQ's tweet about Carson

In Magary’s diatribe, he refers to Republican presidential candidate, retired brain surgeon, Ben Carson, as the “Good Doctor,” thereby marginalizing the man’s gifted intellect as somehow beneath his shiny patent leather self.

Magary, accuses Carson of being,

“…willing to replicate Trump’s signature brand of hot-garbage-spewing, but he’ll say even DUMBER s**t.”

Wow, those are some  dirty words for pretty boy, who in that sentence sounds more radically Trump-esque than Trump. Magary follows up by saying Carson,

“…knows a goldmine of asinine cannon fire when he sees it.”

Um-who sounds like a gutter-snipe jackass?

Magary does not believe Carson was ever held at gun point and goes so far as to say that he does not think Carson has ever set foot in the Popeye’s where the stick-up took place. He then accuses the rest of the GOP and their base of being idiots;

“You are now bearing witness to an arms race of stupid, because stupid is in such high demand from the GOP base at the present moment.”

Aside from calling Trump “authentically stupid”, the only other person Magary goes after is Bobby Jindal. Another minority of the conservative persuasion.

GQ writer Drew Magary

As demonstrated again, Liberals are the party of racism. Thank you Magary for reinforcing what the rest of us already know.



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