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For those who have followed the long and winding road of Benghazi, and perhaps empathized with those family members on the loss of their loved ones, the final report yesterday by the House Select Committee on Benghazi is no doubt anticlimactic, and leaves many unanswered questions, which in all likelihood will not be resolved until perhaps another administration takes over, and of course if it becomes a Clinton Administration, whatever incriminating evidence that still exists will surly be destroyed.

Benghazi to the frustration of many and in particular to Committee Chairman Troy Gowdy will no doubt be a personal loss for him, not being able to penetrate the massive cover-up and continued obstacles and challenges orchestrated by the White House.

And for well over a year the committee has been attempting to get Clinton’s emails and records including those of her staff, when she was Secretary of State.

Which prompted Gowdy to lament; “Whatever the administration is hiding, its justifications for doing so are imaginary and appear to be invented for the sake of convenience. That’s not how complying with a congressional subpoena works, and it’s well past time the department stops stonewalling.”

Whatever particulars remain unanswered; those who have followed the trials and tribulation of Benghazi, and the players involved have already come to the conclusion that both President Obama and Hillary Clinton have blood on their hands.

Do you support Trey Gowdy in his continual support to hold Obama accountable?

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