Trey Gowdy has just a few words regarding Hillary Clinton's professed decision to turn over her private email server to federal authorities: "It's about damn time."

Gowdy chairs a specially appointed House of Representatives committee that has long been investigating Clinton's involvement in and knowledge of a terrorist attack that took place at an embassy in Benghazi, Libya. He asked for the email server to be turned over to a third-party reviewer early this year, but it's taken months for anything to progress.

Speaking about Hillary's decision to finally turn over the email server, Gowdy framed Clinton's decision in terms of control.

"If she were interested in cooperation she wouldn't have done any of the things she's done to date. This was not about cooperation, and . . . frankly, it's not about convenience, it's about control."

Despite Clinton's earlier declarations that she never received or possessed classified information on her private server, news has come out that proves her declaration false. An FBI review of just a handful of emails found several that it deemed "top secret."

Those classified emails give ammunition to the Benghazi committee and others who believe that by housing her emails on a private server in her home, Hillary Clinton was providing hackers and other interested parties opportunities to gain access to classified information.

As far as Hillary's control is concerned, she made a grand effort to parade the fact that she was willingly turning over her email server, when in fact it's more than likely that the server was requested by the FBI for further investigation.

However, Clinton is nothing if not careful with how she lets her narrative and image be portrayed in the media. Unfortunately, it's hard to control the narrative when the news breaks that you've been lying to the people of America about issues of national security.

h/t: Freedom Outpost

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