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Led by Selma veteran, Rep. John Lewis, now in his 30th year representing Georgia, the United States House of Representatives staged a 25-hour “sit-in” to apparently protest their inability to vote on gun-control bills that had already failed in the Senate.

Sitting on the floor in the well of the House chamber, the Democrat representatives ordered pizza and posed for selfies, smiling and laughing while holding posters bearing the photographs of the 49 victims of the Orlando terror attack, as they broadcast their earnest concern via social media.

The Democrats even took to song, reprising the 1960s civil rights anthem, “We Shall Overcome,” without actually explaining what, besides the rules of the House, they intended to overcome.

Ostensibly, the representatives were protesting action for gun control, but Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) labeled it a “publicity stunt” noting that the representatives, all of whom are up for re-election in November, were sending out fundraising pleas with their selfies.

Ryan had the authority to turn off the lights in the chamber and order it cleared by the House Sergeant-at-Arms, but reclaimed control of the chamber and forced consideration of a bill to fund the war against the Zika before adjourning for the Fourth of July holiday.

Another strong rebuke for the disruptive Democrats came from South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy who cut right to the heart of the matter, posing the question on his Facebook page: “How are what they are demanding make us safer?”

While Gowdy acknowledged out that while “Democrat members are certainly free to stage a sit-in and shut down House floor activities as they have done,” he pointed out that prosecutions of current firearm law violations have actually decreased during the Obama administration.

Gowdy, himself a former federal prosecutor, noted, “There are already broad categories of persons prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition and those lists go largely without prosecution. Now House Democrats are asking for yet another list of persons - this time without any due process rights – so this Administration can fail to enforce that list of laws too. How does that make us safer?”



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