If there is any politician who is bent on taking away citizens’ 2nd Amendment right, it is Governor Jerry Brown from the Golden State of California.

Governor Brown is one of the most liberally fascist governors in the country.

Over the course of the last 4 years, gun owners have witnessed their rights dwindle. To the point that some of the guns that folks own are now illegal, meaning just by their very possession of some older model fire-arm they are breaking one of thousands of laws and don’t even know it.

Examples of some of the legislation signed into law by Governor Brown includes.

SB 707 (10/2015)-Concealed-carry permit holders may not have their fire arm on a school or college campus. Which as we know is turning out to be a dangerous place.

SB 199 (9/2014)-Toy guns have to brightly colored. Because, a criminal is so stupid they wouldn’t think to paint their gun the same color as that of some kid’s water pistol.

AB 1964 and AB 1014 (7/2014)-Back to back, are two laws that make no sense. Exceptions from the banned gun roster for those guns retro-fitted to operate as a semi-automatic and/or single-round fire. What is the point? If you are good shot it should only take one round.

Courts must quickly notify DOJ when someone has been banned from buying a gun. Okay, fine, but good luck with that since government bureaucracy moves at the speed of glacial.

AB 48, AB 231, AB 683, AB 363, AB 359, AB 500, AB 170, AB 711, AB 1131, SB 127 (10/2013)-The legislature had gone wild for gun control.

During the month of October they managed to ban any magazine carrying more than 10 rounds (again, who needs more than one), parents must lock up all firearms, rifle and shotgun purchasers now must take and pass a safety certification course, and you are responsible for someone you know is a nut gaining access to your gun (stealing ?), and on and on and on.

You can go muddle through them for yourself, pound your head against your desk, and wonder what has happened to sanity in this world.

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