Issues keep on multiplying for countries who have accepted the thousands of refugees streaming into Europe from the Middle East. Scandinavian countries are being inundated with cases of sexual assault and abuse, and not all of the cases are even regarding adults.

Authorities in Norway have recently been worried about the number of minors who are showing up as refugees married and with children. According to reports, very young girls have been reported as being spouses to older men and the youngest reported girl was 11 years old.

61 minors were reported as being married as they and their spouses attempted to gain entry into Norway. Of those, many were pregnant and some even were pregnant with their second child.

Members of Norway's Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs said that the issue is almost a sure sign of sexual abuse.

"We are looking very seriously at children under 18 who are in danger of being subjected to sexual abuse, violence and forced actions. We are committed to helping these children and to preventing forced situations. These could be criminal cases."

Norway's legal age for sexual consent is 16. Many of these girls are much younger and have undoubtedly been forced into their relationships.

In one instance that was being monitored by Norwegian authorities, a 14-year-old girl entered the country with her 23-year-old husband. The girl was pregnant and also carrying an 18-month-old child. The two are now separated, but the situation begs the question whether the man used the girl as a tool to gain entry into a rich, Scandinavian country, or if there was ever any romantic interest.

This is only one of the many issues that countries who have accepted so many migrants are facing and it is becoming more and more apparent how backwards and wrong the traditions that exist in the Middle East are.

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