We've all had a day or two when we considered skipping work and going hunting, fishing, or maybe just sleeping in. Most of us, though, eventually realize that skipping work, though pleasurable in the short run, will hurt our lives and our careers in the long run.

But for one man in Spain, skipping work for just one day wasn't enough. He missed work for 6 years and still collected his paycheck.

Joaquin Garcia worked as a supervisor over the construction of a water treatment plant that was bogged down with bureaucracy. Garcia's role slipped through the cracks with the company in charge of the water plant thinking that he was being managed by the city, and the city thinking that the water company was in charge.

As a result, nobody was in charge and Garcia collected his salary for at least 6 years, and some think it might have even been as long as 14 years.

The irony of the situation is the way that officials found out about the mistake. A deputy mayor was trying to find Garcia to give him an award for 20 years of dedicated service to the city. It turned out, however, that Garcia couldn't be found.

Garcia, for his part, feels like he deserves the money he collected during his time away from his desk. He claims that he was looked down upon for his socialist leanings, and that others in the office bullied him.

The Spanish government is fining Garcia $30,000, but that is nothing compared to the money he soaked the government for during 6 years of collecting his salary. However, the $30,000 is the maximum amount that can be reclaimed by the government under law.

So what did Garcia do for 6 years while not working? According to reports he read philosophy.

This just goes to show the problem with a large, centralized government. Think of the good that could have been done with this man's salary instead of paying it to a lazy man. Let's vow, America, never to let this happen to us.

h/t: Newser


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