U.S Immigration Customs & Enforcement (ICE) agents have officially been banned from state labor offices as California continues its determination to be a “sanctuary state” that refuses to cooperate with federal immigration laws.

From now on, ICE agents will no longer be able to enter any of the state’s 18 labor offices to carry out their official duties.

California Labor Commissioner Julie Su has seen to that with her order that effectively puts a halt to ICE’s access to information about illegal immigrants who have filed complaints against employers.

“There is no doubt that allowing ICE to freely enter our office would have a substantial chilling effect on the willingness of workers to report violations,” Su told the Times.

From here on out, ICE agents will be required to present a warrant to labor office employees or they will be ordered to leave the premises.

ICE agents will be given the following notice as they are asked to leave.

“Your presence is interfering with our ability to enforce state labor laws. It is the Labor Commissioner’s general policy not to permit such interference with our state law enforcement duties.

Would you please leave our office? The Labor Commissioner does not consent to your entry or search of any part of our office.”

Commissioner Su claims “the presence of immigration officers in state offices could disrupt the enforcement of labor laws by discouraging immigrant workers from reporting employers who short them on wages or unfairly punish them in other ways.”

The move comes after illegal immigrants complained to Su’s office about their employers threatening them with retaliatory action of they filed a claim.

In a startling admission, Su said, “The fear of deportation has many illegal immigrants no longer wanting to pursue their cases,” oblivious to the simple fact that those in commission of a crime should fear the law.

State labor employees are now required to record the name and contact information of any ICE agent who visits the office and provide it to their superiors or Commission’s legal office.

The policy confirms California’s status as the most anti-immigration law jurisdiction in the United States and underscores the need for the federal government to take action to require all states to cooperate with federal agents enforcing federal law on a uniform basis throughout the country.

Please comment below if you feel all jurisdictions should be required to comply with federal immigration law to ensure that there is one law throughout the U.S.

Source: The Blaze

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