Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has announced a plan that he feels will help with the state budget: drug testing for Wisconsin welfare recipients and possibly limiting how long recipients can be on welfare.

Governor Walker's plan is to put restrictions as well as different requirements on welfare recipients, making welfare abuse more difficult to commit. He also claims that the new plan will help get Wisconsin residents that are currently unemployed ready to fill the almost 67,000 job openings.

Walker said of his plan, "Whether it’s unemployment training, we’re going to seek a waiver for food stamps, seek a waiver for Medicaid. We’re going to make changes in terms of W2 — in each of these areas of public assistance. This is about getting people ready for work."

The new plan, like many others like it, is being met with opposition. In fact the Florida law requiring drug testing for welfare recipients was just ruled unconstitutional. However, that's not swaying Governor Walker from presenting the proposal to the Republican led Legislature. The Governor's plan shouldn't come as a surprise to any Wisconsin residents since it was part of Walker's campaign for the governorship.

Unfortunately for Governor Walker, he needs to get a waiver to test anyone receiving food stamps, since Federal law blocks the imposition of new eligibility requirements for anyone on the FoodShare program. The law does not, however, block the State from asking for permission for drug tests to be ran.

The proposal also doesn't seek to demonize anyone that fails a drug test, in fact it has provisions to actually help anyone that fails. Anyone that fails their test will be offered the chance to attend a drug treatment program, free of charge, as well as job training. The two provisions show that Governor Walker is really trying to help turn around Wisconsin and help anyone on welfare to get the skills needed to get back into the workforce and reclaim their independence.



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