The Obama administration, which promised to always be honest to the American people had proven time and time again that they would rather the public eye have no idea what they are doing. What just surfaced has only proven that they truly don't care about that promise at all.

As if it wasn't bad enough that Secretary of State John Kerry worked on the Iran nuclear deal, which is bad enough on its own, many secret deals were made on the side between the Republic of Iran and the Atomic Energy Agency.

It only gets worse as it is now coming to light that Obama also negotiated many side deals with foreign government heads.

Now people are demanding to know what exactly went on in these deals. Sen. Marco Rubio and Mark Kirk are now insisting that they release public copies of the deals released to the public, since they have already been given to lawmakers.

Letters were written to officials in China, France, Germany and the U.K. The letters said that no one can be penalized for conducting business with Iran, even if they were to violate the terms.

Obama wants Iran to receive $150 billion. It would seem he is trying to float their economy with international trade.

As the past has shown there is a hefty sum of money that will go through Iran and directly to funding radical terrorism.

They have only requested that the Obama administration do what they promised and have transparency with the American people.

We'll see how long it takes him to release them, if he ever does. At least he wont be there for long.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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