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It would seem that those “cowardly lions” of house Republicans, led by Speaker Paul Ryan have apparently mustered enough courage and have introduced their own version of a Tax Reform Plan that would in effect simplify the massive tax code.

Rep. Kevin Brady, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and one of the courageous few Republicans acknowledged:

“For years, hard-working American taxpayers have asked Washington for a tax code so simple and fair and understandable that it could fit on a postcard that is exactly what we propose.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon the newly crafted Republican plan includes a host of reforms, such as repealing the death tax, and cutting both taxes on savings and investments, and a 25% tax cut on small businesses, which would surly stimulate the economy.

Brady also referenced doing away with egregious tax penalties that force companies to move their “jobs, technologies, and headquarters overseas,” stating “no longer will we be the only major country that still taxes its own exports. No longer will American products lose out to foreign competitors, simply because they’re proudly stamped ‘Made in America.”

Sounds like someone has been taking notes and listening to what presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has been advocating for the last year…welcome aboard!

Brady's remarks start at the 1:10 mark:

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