Frederica Wilson's claim of Trump's insensitive remarks towards a Gold Star widow has now become viral news. The congresswoman has not exactly made it a secret that her mission is to smear and take down the president.

Myeshia Johnson is the pregnant widow of Army Sergeant La David Johnson, who was killed during a mission in Niger. She was with Wilson when Trump made the phone call to her and has corroborated Wilson's claim. She claimed everything Wilson said was "100% correct."

Johnson claimed Trump struggled to remember her husband's name and that made her cry even more.

President Trump has refuted Wilson and Johnson's story. There doesn't appear to be an audio recording, so we'll never know who is telling the truth.

However, another Gold Star widow has come forward to back Trump. The widow of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Mark R. De Alencar released the recording of Trump's own condolence call to her.

Watch the video here:

The President was very cordial, telling the grieving widow that her husband was a "great hero that I respected." Trump also told her to tell her children that their father was a hero. He also said that she is welcome to see him in the White House should she ever be in DC.

It should be noted that the widow in this case is also African-American. Obviously, her race doesn't matter, but it must be pointed out because you know the liberal media is going to use the race card when talking about the Johnson phone call.

Mainstream media is obviously running with the Wilson and Jonnson story. The new audio release, though, shows Trump isn't some heartless moron that speaks with no filter.

Do you think Myeshia Johnson is being exploited by Frederica Wilson, or did Trump really did make an inexcusable remark to a mourning widow?

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