Fast food companies have long fought a bitter feud over the burger cravings of people around the world. Well, at least for those who eat fast food.

That feuding is coming to a head in France, where Burger King is betting on a cultural tactic rather than a purely economic one.

Burger King recently purchased around 400 new burger joints from a competitor in France. What were previously known as Quick burger restaurants will be re-branded under Burger King's branding and feature most of the same menu that Americans are used to.

With one significant difference.

Burger King in France is looking to diversify its customer base and to try and beat out McDonald's. One of the main ways it plans on doing that is to appeal to France's 5 million Muslims by offering food that is appropriate to the Islam religion.

That means no bacon, pork, or other pork-related meats. Gone is the bacon burger from French Burger Kings.

Additionally, the burger chain is making an effort to have all of its meat products--chicken and beef--certified as "halal" meats. That certification means that the meat is slaughtered according to Islam's strict rules.

The move can be seen as a purely economic one. Burger King's 400 chain addition is still a paltry number when compared with the more than 1,000 restaurants that McDonald's runs throughout the country.

But the halal certification and the banning of pork products is an interesting development. Obviously it is Burger King's prerogative to do what they will with their menu. However, it is an interesting thought experiment to imagine, several years down the line, whether you will be able to walk into a Burger King and order a bacon burger in the future.

With the rise of political correctness, it is not unthinkable that some people would push for a ban on pork products so as not to offend Muslims.

Thankfully, that day looks a long way out, still. Bring on the bacon!

h/t: WND

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