Political pundits are always getting involved in the political process whenever they can. It's part of the job description and it's something that Americans have put up with for quite a while. But recent remarks by Glenn Beck about [score]Ted Cruz[/score] have people everywhere scratching their heads.

Beck, in his regular Tuesday radio show, declared that Ted Cruz has been groomed by God to lead the United States at a juncture when freedom and liberty in America are under attack from all sides.

As part of Beck's reasoning, he claimed that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death and the impending vote on a new justice was part of God's plan to wake up America to the reality of the situation.

"You’re welcome," said Beck on his show, imagining how God would address Beck's listeners. "I just woke the American people up. I took them out of the game show moment and woke enough of them up to say, look at how close your liberty is to being lost."

Beck, who has been a huge fan of Ted Cruz during much of the presidential candidacy race, believes that Cruz is a man who has been raised by God to help defend America's freedoms.

That belief lines up with the beliefs of Cruz's father, Raphael Cruz, who said that, even when Ted was a young boy, his father believed that "God has destined [him] for greatness."

That destiny may very well be true, but most patriots and freedom lovers in America aren't as ready as Glenn Beck to admit that God allowed Antonin Scalia to pass away in order to "prepare the way" for a Cruz presidency.

Ted Cruz has a strong track record for fighting for America's freedoms and we all know definitively that he has the backing of strong conservative pundits like Glenn Beck. It just remains to be seen if he can muster enough support to continue to gain delegates in the primary elections.

h/t: Daily Caller

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