Of all the political pundits who have entwined themselves in this presidential race, Jorge Ramos, John Oliver, and dozens of others, perhaps the pundit who has most fired up the masses is Glenn Beck. Beck has used his position as owner and leader of The Blaze and as a person who has the ear of Evangelicals to speak out against the presidential race more than anyone else.

And his biggest target is Donald Trump.

Beck has sworn, promised, joked, and cajoled that Trump will be the worst thing to happen to our country since slavery. And he's willing to go to bat against anyone to prove that.

"I’ll take on the Jews, and I’ll take on the Lutherans, and I’ll take on the Catholics, and I’ll take on the Mormons — I’ll take ‘em all on — you’re damn right," said Beck on a recent version of his studio television show.

Beck believes that no "real" Christian should even consider voting for Donald Trump. The fact that many Americans, many who even call themselves Christians, are voting and planning on voting for the business mogul proves that Beck has an uphill battle.

But he's waging it anyway.

The problem, Beck surmises, is that Donald Trump is lacking principles. And though many Americans see that lack of principle, Beck says that not having a strong, principled leader, may lead to an America worse than we've seen it.

"We have got to be a people of principles… principles over parties, principles over interests. We’ve got to shore these things up."

Beck continued by saying that "no Christian says, ‘I want that guy [Trump]. That guy is the guy for me."

Beck's angst is understandable. However, it's unclear whether or not it is well founded. At the end of the day would you rather have a man lacking some basic principles who can whip America into shape, or another president who will just continue along with the status quo?

That's the real question and it will be a difficult one for voters in November.

h/t: Daily Caller

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