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According to Rudy Giuliani the statue of limitations on Hillary Clinton's breach of national security will not run out in the next 4 years.

Meaning, if Donald Trump were to be elected president the Attorney General he appoints could prosecute Hillary.

This adds just a little more importance to a presidential race that already feels vastly important. This election could literally decide whether or not Hillary is allowed to retain her freedom.

On the other side, if Clinton is elected, it would mean that the president of the United States would be a person that the FBI officially deemed displays "extreme carelessness".

The idea of a person who could barely be trusted to maintain a functioning email account controlling America's nuclear codes is a horrifying one.

In another timeline, this exact scenario is a bad Tina Fey movie where the lovable star who just can't seem to stop stepping on her own feet fails her way into the presidency. However in reality, this is the scariest thing imaginable.

Hillary forgetting to take the Air Force 1 out of neutral, crashing the plane into an Iranian airport, and simultaneously emailing Al-Assad all of America's top-secret information by accident honestly feels like a plausible scenario at this moment.

Trump is imperfect, but he's America's last hope. Criminals deserve to be in stripes, not parading around in teal pantsuits.


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