What is incredible about this story other than student Cheyeanne Fitzgerald amazing survival after being badly wounded by a traumatic encounter with a deranged individual, is this young girls ability to think clearly even after almost loosing her life

And rather the succumb to the political hysteria manufactured by both the progressive elite and the national media, this 16-year old should serve as a model in critical individual thinking, in that Cheyeanne understands that no gun control legislation would have prevented this loon from attacking her and her classmates, and still favors and supports her Second Amendment Right, the right to own a gun.

Cheyeanne Fitzgerald

Her brother Jesse, speaking outside the Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, says she is beginning to improve after emergency surgery to remove a kidney, and that the  family discussed the issue of gun ownership and said that all including Cheyeanne,  remain opposed to controls.

Stating; “we’re pro second amendment, pro guns, my sister, my mother, my whole family are all in favor. We were talking about it in the hospital and none of us have changed our minds.’

Asked whether the answer to tragedies such as the one on Thursday is more guns, Jesse said he would like to see armed guards on campuses and teachers trained in the use of non-lethal force…listening Obama?

Source: Daily Mail


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