As predicted, a Chester the Molester tried to accost a young girl in a Walmart bathroom.  This near child rape incident took place in a Fowlerville, Michagan Walmart bathroom. Michigan has a lot of problems, as we know.

They range from the hole that is Detroit, the Jihadi epicenter of Dearbornistan, and now include front-and-center pedophiles doing what they want.  

Our society is now trying to mainstream pedophilia as a sexual orientation, and looking the other way when it comes to groups like the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

Officer Sgt. John Tyler responded to a call at the local Walmart. The call was long after the incident because the victim was traumatized. The child was a young girl, one of a pair of sisters (12 and 15), who were walking home from school. One of the girls needed to use the restroom, so they ventured into the nearby Walmart.

Unbeknownst to the girl, a 25 year old pedophile, whose name and face should be plastered all over the media so he can be made “famous,” had entered the restroom ahead of her. There he laid in wait.  

He was not claiming to identify as a woman, and Walmart claims to have not noticed his entry into the restroom. Even if they had, would they have stopped him?

So, in goes the young woman and she is met by the guy. He offers her $20 bucks to pull down her panties so he can take a gaze and her naked private self. She bolted, found her sister, and they fled.

It was not until she got home, and calmed down, that she relayed the assault to her parents. They immediately contacted law enforcement. With Walmart’s cooperation, the man was identified via surveillance footage, and arrested. He faces charges for assaulting a child.

It is not the cross-dressing transgenders we worry about. It is the pedophiles and rapist who will take advantage of the new norm, and go after children and adults.

We are not afraid of these people.

We parents are afraid of what we might do to them, and the jail sentence we might face for our actions against them.

Stay away from our kids pervs!

Source: Mad World News



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