While the bleeding heart liberals here wave an Islamic flag in surrender, the German people have woken up to the growing threat of militant Islam and other unwanted Muslims. There were a record number of people protesting the recent influx of 'political' asylum seekers in Germany recently. Some of their detractors wish to call the good citizens protesting 'Nazis' as a Liberal Media agenda to vilify the victims. What is missed by the so-called Main Stream Media is, as usual, the facts.

Fact #1: Almost 75% of the 'political' asylum seekers are nothing but Muslim deadbeats. This detail is often left out in the Liberal media. The Muslims aren't seeking asylum because they are being persecuted for their religious beliefs, but because they are being hounded for their bad debts! We think we have a moocher problem in the US, well wait until we see Obama importing more of them.

Fact #2: Germany is not alone. This Moocher/Radical Muslim infestation is not just a German problem. It is a world-wide problem. The ideal proof of this is spin off protests from this central protest. While St. Louis burns itself down because a cop did his job, the rest of the world is fighting a battle the US needs to get involved in.

Fact #3: The Ziet poll listed 3 out of 4 people were worried about radical Islam being imported and a large chunk has said Germany already accepted too many people. How many is too many people? It is enough for Germany actually to not have room for the ones they already granted asylum to. Those people are being put up in buildings that could be used for a lot of better purposes. Buildings like schools, barracks, and office blocks. Instead of being able to focus on their own people, the German people have to give up what little land they have to allow terrorist fueled Islamic into their borders.

Why is this protest important? Because Germany is only Number 2 in the world for the influx of Moocher Muslims Radicals. You know who the Number 1 country is? You won't find this in the Liberal Media, but it is the Good Ol' USA under Obama. Instead of taking care of our problems and our citizens, he is offering economic shelter to the very people trying to kill us.


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