Maybe now that Brussels just had a terrorist attack, Germany is finally seeing the light. Clearly, they did not get it when the Rape Festival that is the RefuJihadi version of New Year’s Eve, transpired in Cologne.

Merkel must have missed out on the news of mass rapes and murders, in the name of KumbayAllah, that have taken place, and continue to take place hourly across the European continent.

Germany has taken in more than 1.1-Million Rapeugees, and in doing so has subjected the entire European Union to another form of Holocaust. The blood of another genocide and centuries of war is on her hands and those of every member of EU that still is not seeing the light.


There is hope though. The German people are rising up. Protests are taking place with the people chanting “Merkel Must Go!,” and “Rapefugees Not Welcome,” emblazoned across banners. Mosques depicted in classic red-banned circle symbols are displayed alongside the German flag.

This is the beginning of World War III. Unfortunately, it will not be our world governments leading us into a battle for victory, because they are too weak. It will be the citizens of  each respective countries themselves.

We must join together with our German citizen neighbors, and all the anti-Islam protestors of the world and say No to ReFAUXgees, because the Caliphate is NOT WELCOME!


Let’s hope the German people keep it up.

Source: Reuters


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