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Germany, the former Nazi Third Reich, and leader of Axis Powers, was crushed by freedom’s war waged back in the 1930s and 1940s. A lot of people died to bring that nation and their massive murderous reach to its knees. A wall was built that divided the nation, broken and corrupt, before finally being re-united and fumbling toward democracy in the late-20th century.

Now Germany is at the risk of coming under the dictatorship of another tyrant. Except, not the tyranny of one lunatic but that of millions. Those millions follow a horrific radical version of a religion, passed off as peaceful, having proven itself time and again to be anything but.

Germany’s leader, Angela Merkel, is not helping matters any. She is on her way to making her nation accept in excess of 1-Million Muslim refugees between now and December 31st to the tune of $28-Billion. Those million-plus “refugees” are a joke. These are not families. These are hordes of Muslim men, who have demonstrated, on camera, that their interests are that of violent overthrow.

The German people are rising up and saying NO. After welcoming in 600 refugees, the town of Wertheim, all of 22,000 people, suffered what authorities believe to be an act of arson that destroyed a building for the emergency housing of 400 of the 600 refugees.

The suspects are still at large. This burning down of asylum buildings in Germany is becoming not uncommon. Were the arsonists Muslims or seriously ticked off Germans? Who knows? Who cares? The refugees and their tyrannical maniacal ways are not wanted.

Wertheim, for their part says, they’re done.

“No more refugees will come to Wertheim, as there is no additional emergency accommodation” according to Harmann Scroeder of the Baden-Wuerttemberg state government.

Even Christian refugees are advised to “…leave Germany as quickly as possible” (Gerda Hassellfeldt-Christian Social Union Party). The German people do not want to take the risk of dealing with radical Islamists, meaning the Christians, unfortunately are caught up in the public reprisal by-default.

The German people are demonstrating to the world how democracy really works and what taking back their government is really like. Perhaps Merkel should be listening and heeding their call.

Source: Mad World News


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