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The carnage in Europe continues, as thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants flood the continent unabated. And although the growing crime rate committed by the Muslim invasion in Germany is simply staggering, it’s however Donald Trump that seems to cause Chancellor Angela Merkel sleepless nights and not the 69,000 crimes being committed by Muslim refugees in the first quarter of 2016.

That’s the staggering data according to a police report that Merkel’s liberal open border policy has apparently unleashed on the German people, and no doubt that’s why the public focus on Donald Trump, in that it’s much easier to ignore the realities and failures of your own policies, while creating a false narrative and hopefully a distraction in vilifying someone like a Donald Trump.

The full frontal assault on Trump, didn’t come from the Chancellor herself but from Germany’s ambassador to NATO, Hans Dieter Lucas who defended Germany's lackluster contributions to European security, and Trumps assertions that Berlin like all of Europe relies only on Washington for protection rather than stepping up and defending itself, which of course will be a big part of the Trump doctrine if he’s elected.

Although the pushback from Ambassador Lucas was an attempt to change the narrative of the growing crime wave in Germany, the mayhem cannot be ignored, in it’s first comprehensive published report, BKA federal police on crimes committed by migrants in all of Germany’s 16 states shows that 29.9% of crimes committed by refugees were for thefts, 28.3% was for property damage or forgery offences, and 23% for physical assaults and unlawful detention.

While drug related accounted for almost 7% and sex crimes such as rape accounted for 1.1%

There’s no doubt that Trump has been the harshest critic when it comes to the disproportionate role played by the Nato alliance in that America pays almost 70% of the freight while all the rest combine pay just 30%.

Trump has also singled out Germany in not doing more to challenge Russian aggression in Ukraine stating: “When Russia is going into Ukraine … I don’t hear from the other countries in NATO. I don’t hear from Germany. I only hear from the United States.”

Source: Yahoo, Foreign Policy


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