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No doubt the Muslim evasion of Europe is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the continent since WWII, and Germany is once again at the center of this unfolding drama, with an astonishing 20 million Muslim refugees forecast within the next five years to invade that country, according to projections by Bavarian lawmakers.

And while the future for Germany may appear uncertain, there’s still time to reverse course. However the treat for Germany isn’t in the far distant future, the threat for Germany is “now!”

In that according to the German federal crime office, a number of Islamic terrorists have entered Germany by hiding amongst recent flows of migrants from the Middle East, and since last year 369 people with suspected ties to the Islamic State have come into the country in this way.

The sharp increase in numbers of refugees has led the German authorities to sound a new terror alert.
Obviously chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door (no questions asked), policy has thrown Germany into chaos, with Muslim gangs terrorizing and assaulting German citizens, all across Germany, indeed all across Europe.

“German security authorities have indications that members and supporters of terrorist organizations are infiltrating groups of migrants in a focused and organized way, in order to launch attacks in Germany,” said a police spokesman, adding that there was no specific evidence of a planned attack at this time.

However that should be of little comfort to the German people, in that there was no specific threat beforehand of the carnage in both Paris and again in Brussels, and unlike the United States, Europe has for decades ignored the obvious threat taking place right before their eyes, with so-called “no go zones” and open border policies, which allows anyone to travel all across Europe, with little or no restrictions.

Of the hundreds of suspected Islamic Jihadists entering Germany, 40 cases are currently under judicial investigation at the federal and state level, said a government spokesman in Berlin.

The data indicate an overall increase in infiltration by prospective terrorists, with only 213 reports recorded up to early January, among which 18 cases were under federal investigation.

Source: Breitbart


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