Johnny Cook is a true man's man with a little slice of paradise in the form of a southern farm in Bremen, Georgia. One day he was enjoying a tasty lunch at his local Waffle House when he noticed a grizzled looking man doing something outside that had the whole restaurant up in arms. What Cook did next would change this man's life for good.

Cook lives on his farm and just recently he had been in search of some extra help on the farm to help out with a few tasks that he needed to complete around the farm. Cook had put up advertisements looking for any hard-working individuals willing to help him with his landscaping needs.

To Cook's disappointment he had not received the help that he had hoped for and just when he had resolved to doing the work on his own with the help of his sons, an unexpected turn of events would lead to not only the answer to his request, but the answer to one lucky man's prayers as well.

Cook and his sons had just gone into town to get the necessary materials for the work to be done. On their way back they chose to stop at the Waffle House and grab a bite to eat, that's when they saw the thug-looking man outside the window.

The tattoo-covered man approached the restaurant and sat down outside on the curb. The other Waffle House customers were clearly upset with dirty migrant's presence and had begun to complain, but before they could finish their judgment of the man, Cook did something unexpected.

Cook motioned to the man to see if he was hungry. The man nodded, 'yes' and Cook motioned for him to come in and take a seat. Cook offered to buy the man a meal and take care of the bill. After much hesitation the man accepted Cook's generous offer and ordered, but before he dug into his first meal in days the man did something that really resonated with Cook.

The hungry transient stopped to pray before taking a bite to show his thanks for the meal  he had just received. Cook then began to chat with the man and discovered that he had not always been homeless, but had recently run into a rough patch.

The man said that he wanted desperately to work, but because of his tattoos and appearance he was turned away from every job that he tried to land.

Cook said to meet him at 7:45 the next morning if he wanted to work.

The man agreed, saying that he had been sleeping on church porches with nothing but his faith to keep him going while he prayed for work and shelter.

Cook answered the man's prayers. The next morning Cook's sons picked up the man from the Waffle House at 7:45 just as promised and brought the man back to the farm. The man worked all day laying sod in the scorching heat, a job he had very little experience with in the past.

"He worked his heart out and was proud of what we had accomplished. I paid him and took him to a local motel. Where he can stay the night and I’ll pick him up again tomorrow," Cook said in a post to social media.

This man didn't want a handout, he just wanted a chance to prove he could work hard for his money. It just goes to show you should never judge a book by its cover.

Source: Mad World News


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