The struggle for the hearts and minds of a nation continues, this time the struggle is being played out in Georgia, or more precisely on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol.

Students and faith leaders gathered in support of new legislation that will once again reaffirm our American heritage and allow prayer back into schools, that same moment of reflection that begins each season of congress, will hopefully be allowed once again

The student-led House Bill 816, also known as Georgia Student Religious Liberties Act of 2016, would allow students to pray before, during and after school, as well as at some school activities like pep rallies and football games.

Obviously any reference to “God” or “The Creator” or even bowing one’s head in a moment of silence has the progressive left outraged, and The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia says it will fight the bill, explaining that the way the law is written now, it may lead to unintended consequences, which could then lead to lawsuits down the line.

“(In) 1962 the Supreme Court made this ruling and, what we've noticed since the Supreme Court ruling, there has been an increase in violence, murder, teen pregnancy, divorce rate,” said Sabrina McKenzie with the Legislative Clergy Council. “If you don’t think prayer is the answer, then what is the answer?”

Members of McKenzie’s group joined several Morehouse College students and faith leaders with signs and chants in support of the bill.

What do you think?

Should Christian prayer be allowed back into the classroom?

Source: Fox News


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