NEW confederate tag

Well it seems that the Confederate Flag will rise again, or at least perhaps appear as a symbol of southern pride as a specialty license plate in Georgia.

Reports coming from reliable sources state that Georgia will soon be rolling out a redesigned license plate featuring the battle flag.

The controversy to ban the flag began soon after the shooting deaths of African-American churchgoers in Charleston, SC, by a deranged racist, showing him in a photo kneeling with a Confederate Flag by his side.

And of course a perfect opportunity to turn a senseless tragedy into yet another excuse for progressives to push their two favorite issues “gun control” and “race”.

And what better target of racism for a progressive, then the Confederate Flag, and so the hammers and chisels came out to wipe clean that symbol, and on almost every nightly newscast, there was yet another politician decrying the Confederate Flag, until it became a feeding frenzy of progressive politicians attempting to out ban one another.

“This specialty tag is the most attractive license tag that the State of Georgia has to offer,” Tim Pilgrim, the division adjutant for the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans said in a statement. “I would encourage members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and all citizens of Georgia to ask for the newly designed…specialty tag.”

Source: NY Daily News


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