Lately there has been a lot of talk about the elections being rigged. Donald Trump has publicly spoken out about this possibility and how the mainstream media is more slanted than it has ever been in our country's history. There have also been multiple videos released by undercover reporters showing the rampant corruption that permeates the Democratic party including rampant voter fraud across the nation.

Naturally, Hillary and the rest of her liberal lemmings have come back at Trump with feigned outrage and a facade of disbelief that anyone would dare claim something like this taking place.

It would seem they have quite a short memory, seeing as it wasn't that long ago that the left made a huge fuss about George W. Bush winning the election due to what they claimed was 'voter fraud,' twice.

This year more than ever, it would seem that the potential for voting fraud is exceptionally high with the use of "hackable" voting machines. The scary thing about these machines especially, is the company that manufactured them has close ties to somebody who has openly expressed their interest to change the outcome of the elections, as reported by The Daily Caller.

Some of the major swing states including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia are among the 16 states that will be using the voting machines from the technology company, Smartmatic, based in the U.K.

On Smartmatics website they are boasting the frightening statistic that they have been able provide more than 57,000 of these voting machines that have been used by more than 35 million voters across America.

As almost some sort of subtle smack to the face dropped the statement that Venezuela and Cook County, Illinois, have both proven to be massive "successes," despite the fact that both places have repeatedly proven to excellent examples of places that have had massive issues with voter fraud and very shifty election results.

The plot thickens when we see Chairman of Smartmatic is, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a member of the British House of Lords. He also just so happens to be on the board of billionaire George Soros' Open Society Foundation. In addition to this revelation Malloch-Brown has extensive connections to United Nations and a number of globalist organizations.

In addition to these major connections Malloch-Brown has been involved with the Clinton campaign by his connections to a number of consulting firms, including the Sawyer-Miller firm and FTI Consulting.

Mandy Grunwald was involved in getting former President Bill Clinton elected through his extensive work with the Sawyer-Miller. He later acted as head of communications for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 election campaign and has come back to help out with her 2016 campaign.

The senior managing director for FTI Consulting, Jackson Dunn, worked as an aide to Both Bill and Hillary Clinton in D.C. for 15 years in the past.

George Soros and the rest of his allies have made it quite clear that they much prefer the ideas of a more 'globalist' America that Hillary has been ranting about in her debates, speeches, and the rest of her campaign.

This along with the open admissions from Democrats across the country that they are more than willing to "do whatever is necessary" to get Clinton elected makes this idea that Smartmatic may be plotting to rig the elections through their electronic voting machines.

The past has shown that these voting machines have indeed altered votes by changing votes to different candidates, and it has been explained as being some sort of glitch in the system. So, why couldn't they just program this 'glitch' to happen when they need to?

It is the duty of every American to be vigilant of the sort of cheating and trickery that the left has already admitted to be willing to do in order to get Hillary elected. We need to get the word out there now, and make sure we make it out to vote in a fair manor so that we do not have to deal with this sort of corruption for 4 more years.

Please share and warn of the massive potential for voter fraud this election.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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