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I would imagine like most critical thinking “common sense Americans” when we see a celebrity like George Clooney on TV, we hope it's within a “make believe movie” and not attempting a news conference, embarrassing himself with yet another self-serving bit of drivel.

Of course who better to put the “smack-down” on “loony Clooney’s” driveling then Paul Joseph Watson himself.

The brief video takes clueless Clooney on a fact filled journey, that perhaps those that live in those ivory towers like Clooney might feel uncomfortable…however not to worry guys like “loony Clooney” are above looking at themselves in the mirror, unless of course it’s to admire themselves.

In the video Clooney is apparently being interviewed and of course seems extremely somber, with his head bowed for dramatic effect he pauses between lines, and as if reading from a script, he begins to recite one ridiculous progressive talking point after another, and of course Watson stops the footage after each silly misleading comment, and begins his factual history lesson, in response.


However what is truly fascinating about politically active celebrities like Clooney who makes tens of millions of dollars in salary, however seldom care how their opinions may in actuality affect the box office receipts, or those investors who pour fast amounts of money into one of his movie projects.

Do you agree with Paul Joseph Watson's take on George Clooney?

h/t: Chicks On The Right


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