Afghanistan is a mess. Let's just face the facts.

The United States has poured billions of dollars of aid--both military and financial--into the country in an effort to stabilize the country and give it the tools it needs to enter the 21st century. But nothing seems to have worked.

In a speech before the Senate Armed Services Committee, ranking U.S. General John Campbell told senators that Afghanistan still needs American help to be stable and that they want America to stay involved.

"The Afghans support the coalition and want to continue to have that continued support," stated General Campbell. Campbell went on to state that the Afghanistan leaders currently want the United States to slow its plan of gradually pulling out troops until only 1,000 remain. According to Campbell they want U.S. forces to stick around longer.

Part of Campbell's presentation was surprising. It seems that Afghanistan is very worried about losing its young and growing population to Europe, another side-effect of the massive migration that is happening across the Middle East.

"There has been, for lack of better term, a drain on the human capital piece there that I know they want to keep in," Campbell said, speaking of the Afghanistan government's desire to keep young people in place.

However, it's hard to blame Afghanis from fleeing such a war torn country, especially because terror groups appear to be on the rise again. As General Campbell stated, "We have seen the rise of Daesh (Islamic State), [and] an increased Al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan due to (Pakistani military) operations."

But is it the United States' position to stay and enforce peace as an occupying army? When is enough, enough?

Whether or not you believe that the war in Afghanistan was worth the lives and resources, its becoming clear that the United States needs to make a decision regarding its involvement in Afghanistan.

I, for one, believe it's time to cut the cord. We need to give them as many tools as we can to combat terrorism, but at a certain point we have to let Afghanistan fend for itself.

h/t: CNS News

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