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Perhaps it’s payback or simply finding the courage to finally challenge the Commander-in-Chief that has retired Army Gen, David Petraeus speaking out. Whatever it is, it’s about time!

In an op-ed article appearing in the Washington Post the one time CIA Director and former Commander of American Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan took aim at the administration and placed the blame for the growth of ISIS squarely on the narrow shoulders of Barack Obama.

Petraeus stated in the piece that the president’s failure to handle Iraq, after being successfully stabilized by the Bush Administration, could lead to “ISIS 3.0,” he also took issue with Obama’s overall policy saying America’s forces “obviously lack the authority, remit and sheer numbers” that they did during the Bush administration.

He also warned;

“There is no question that the Islamic State will be defeated in Mosul; the real question is what comes afterward? Can the post-Islamic State effort resolve the squabbling likely to arise over numerous issues and bring lasting stability to one of Iraq’s most diverse and challenging provinces? Failure to do so could lead to ISIS 3.0.”

There’s little doubt that Gen. Petraeus is frustrated at seeing all the hard work and the sacrifice’s made in securing Iraq, only to have an incompetent boob squander those gains, and allow a terrorist organization like ISIS, to take root and spread mayhem across the globe.

What's even more concerning is that Hillary is likely to carry on the exact same policy as Obama has if elected President.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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