Texas Governor Greg Abbott was returning from a convention in New York when he was confronted by a gay marriage advocate in New York's JFK airport. The 32-year-old proponent of gay marriage confronted Abbott and shook hands with him. Following that he expressed his wish that "you [expletive] go to hell" because of Abbott's stance on gay marriage.

Texas state troopers who were with Abbott gave Abbott some space, after which the gay marriage fanatic shouted to Abbott that he would "see you on the plane."

JetBlue's security, however, didn't see things the same way.

The man who screamed at Abbott was bumped from his original flight and put up in a hotel room to await an early flight the next morning. Abbott, meanwhile, boarded his flight undeterred. It's unlikely that he knew shouting at the Texas governor over his personal beliefs could have such a tangible effect on his own situation.

While opponents of Abbott and other backers of traditional marriage might find this story horrific and terrifying, JetBlue was merely operating within their prerogative to maintain a safe atmosphere for all passengers. Perhaps the man's comment of, "I'll see you on the plane," was worrisome enough to have him bumped. Or maybe JetBlue was merely looking out for Abbott as governor of a big, powerful state.

Either way, that's one gay marriage fanatic who'll be more careful about who he shouts at next time.

h/t: Daily Caller



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